North Machine Ice Tool

Suitable for
Specific activity
Ice Climbing
Shaft material
  • Replaceable head
  • interchangeable shovel/hammer
Ice axe hand strap
Ice-axe without hand strap
DIN / CE Standards
  • T Norm shaft
  • T Norm head
Made in Europe


<p>The North Machine ice tool from Grivel is a lightweight ice tool perfectly adapted to the requirements of technical alpinism and ice climbing.</p><p>The moderately curved G-Bone shaft offers an ergonomic grip over the entire length. The spike at the lower end allows a classic use. The hoe, shovel or hammer of the North Machine ice tool are made of extremely hard chromoly steel for maximum grip. In total, the tool is 47 cm in length.</p><p>Depending on your choice, you can either use the Ice Vario Haue in combination with a shovel or hammer, which prepares the ice tool for alpine use and ice climbing, or the Total Ice Haue with a closed-back: with this equipment, the tool is well suited for steep ice.</p><p>Thanks to the Vario's head, the equipment can also be easily adapted to changing requirements. This way the lightweight ice tool achieves an enormous versatility, which proves its worth in varied terrain.</p>
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