Zen 8,1mm End Fd Half Rope

Specific activity
  • Alpine Climbing
  • Ice Climbing
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Half rope
Dry treated
Complete (core & sheath)
Impact force twin rope
5.70 kN
Sheath slippage
0.00 mm
Single Rope
Static elongation
8.50 %
Weight per metre
45.00 g_m
60.00 m
8.10 mm
Made in Europe


<p>The Zen 8,1mm End Fd Half Rope from Fixe is a robust and optimally impregnated half rope, manufactured with the latest technologies for superb handling and durability: It features the Endurance sheath weaving technique and a full dry coating.</p><p>In the Endurance sheath weaving technique, particularly high-quality rope fibres are woven uniquely tightly for up to 30% more abrasion resistance. The rope thus glides extremely well through karabiners, it feels smooth and firm: great handling distinguishes the fixed ropes with Endurance sheath.</p><p>Thanks to the Full Dry impregnation, in which both the sheath and the fibres of the core are impregnated, the Zen copes very well with wetness and snow and thus cuts a great figure in ice climbing, classic alpinism and alpine climbing.</p><p>All ropes from Fixe are made in Spain.</p>
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