Summit 7,6mm Fulldry Half Rope

Specific activity
  • Alpine Climbing
  • Ice Climbing
  • Alpinism
more info
  • Half rope
  • Twin rope
Dry treated
Complete (core & sheath)
Impact force twin rope
5.50 kN
Impact force twin rope
8.50 kN
Static elongation
6.60 %
Weight per metre
41.00 g_m
50.00 m
7.60 mm


<p>The Summit 7.6mm Fulldry Half Rope is the thinnest and lightest half rope from Fixe, approved as half and twin rope and manufactured with Spd Spiderwire technology.</p><p>The Spd Spiderwire technology optimizes the performance of the individual fibers, so that even very thin ropes can keep up with their thicker relatives in terms of standard fall numbers.</p><p>In addition, the Summit 7.6mm comes with Full Dry coating, which covers both the sheath and the fibers of the core. This way the Summit can cope with wetness and snow and cuts a great figure when ice climbing, on high altitude tours and alpine climbing.</p><p>All ropes from Fixe are made in Spain.</p>
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