Dyon Mixed KS Quickdraw

Suitable for
Specific activity
  • Alpine Climbing
  • Sport Climbing
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Material Composition
rope carabiner: breaking load open
11.00 kN
Breaking load open
9.00 kN
Breaking load of total set
22.00 kN
rope carabiner: breaking load length
21.00 kN
rope carabiner: breaking load crosswise
7.00 kN
Load capacity length
22.00 kN
Breaking load crosswise
7.00 kN
11.00 cm
Weight (piece)
84.00 g


<p>With the Dyon Mixed KS Quickdraw, Camp presents an ambitious sport climbing express: quite light with only 84 g, in addition to a wide and narrow sling with good grip and especially well-thought-out carabiners. Light enough for long, difficult sport routes or alpine undertakings, robust enough for bouldering sessions.</p><p>The innovative Dyon carabiner at the rope end convinces with its patented wire snap closure KeyWire and user-friendly SphereLock nose. It has an extremely high breaking load value, especially when open, and a large snap opening. The Karstop Evo fixation rubber reliably holds the carabiner in position.</p><p>At the wall end, there is a Photon Snapper, a super light but still normal-sized Keylock karabiner with a rippled gate which makes clipping easier.</p>
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