HeadLamp 200

Suitable for
Material Composition
  • Focus light cone
  • Red light
  • Dimming function
  • Switch-on
  • Blinking light
Luminosity max
200 lm
Battery life max.
40 h
Energy type
  • Integrated battery compartment
  • Li.-ion battery
IPX Level
IPX4 certified


<p>The Biolite HeadLamp 200 sits so comfortably on your head that you might forget you're wearing a headlamp. The soft material absorbs your sweat and wicks it right off your skin.&nbsp;</p><p>The lamp offers you white dimmable light as well as a red dimmable light and a white and red flashing light. With a luminosity of 200 lumens, it makes your hike a special experience and provides more safety while jogging.</p><p>Thanks to the control lock, the lamp does not turn on unintentionally in your backpack. So you can be sure it is charged when you want to use it. The integrated battery can be conveniently charged via USB.</p>
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