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A typically british story?

During an expedition in Chile in 1993, two young men get to know each other. One of them has made himself a jacket out of an old tent. Which makes the other laugh because of the implausible look. Both find that the equipment on the market is not what is needed for outdoor adventures. The first is called Chris Roff, the other Jake Doxat. Roff had been tailoring outdoor apparel for friends on the side, at home, on the kitchen table before the expedition. Doxat's career began as a punk and led from business studies at Cambridge to brand manager for famous Scottish single malts Wiskeys like Dalwhinnie, Talisker and Lagavulin.

Back from Chile, Roff founded Montane in 1993. But it didn't really work out at first. Maybe because Roff was ingenious, but not that structured. In 1996 Montane went bankrupt and Jake joined his friend's company. He raised £180,000 together with 16 friends and invested. All of those friends, incidentally, are still shareholders today - almost 30 years later. Roff left Montane soon after and emigrated to New Zealand. So far, so British.

Montane: Pioneer in light weight

The vision to which Doxat and his team were and are committed was to produce equipment extremely lightweight combined with robustness. Montane was one of the pioneers in the lightweight philosophy, which was also being pursued elsewhere at the same time. With the Slipstream, for example, a windbreaker was created that, at just under 70 grams, put all the jackets of the time in the shade. Other Montane highlights were the Extreme Smock, a single-layer pullover that was worn as a third layer by many scientists and "expedition nimps" at the South Pole and Arctic in temperatures of minus 50 degrees. It was unbeatably warm and comfortable. An almost indestructible, extremely light backpack made of cuben fibre, the material used for the racing sails of Vende Globe Race yachts, also found its way into the ultralight scene.

In 1999, Montane established itself as the pioneer of Featherlite™ clothing with the original super-light packable windshirt. Product by product, Montane, much of it running, climbing, mountaineering and biking itself, earned the respect of the British and eventually American, Asian and European outdoor communities. In 1998, it was still cult to be out and about in Montane clothing, but in 2022 the brand has long since become "state of the art" in England. Montane has become synonymous with lightweight and breathable clothing and equipment.

The goal: less is more

Today's outdoor consumers seek adventure and are driven by a multi-activity mentality. As progressive adventurers, they are looking for diverse experiences and encounters. They do not follow traditional style guidelines, but seek their own way of being in the great outdoors. Montane has always done things its own way. Minimalism, needing less in order to have greater freedom as a result, is the ongoing philosophy. It's a mindset that understands that less complexity means more balance, less distraction means more focus, and less constraint means more adventure. And it's also a mindset that understands that adventure makes you feel really alive.

Montane is a brand that believes in adventure. A brand for people who experience adventure on their terms. United by a shared ambition to venture into the unknown, to test their skills and broaden their horizons. And for this, the design team develops products that work from trail runs to mountain hikes, 1,000-metre big walls, demanding high alpine undertakings and 8,000-metre summits. The products are tested in these regions by mountain professionals such as Jon Gupta, Simon Yearsly, Rebecca Coles, Andy Kirkpatrick, the German Jörn Heller and other top-class alpinists. In the ultra sector, these are Jenny Tough, Francesca Canepa, Marcus Scotney and Debbie Martin-Consani. They wear Montane equipment on the Patagonian Ice Sheet, Mount Everest or extreme ultra runs.

From the British Antarctic Survey to British mountain rescue teams, many professionals who place the highest demands on their clothing and equipment choose Montane. But not only professionals swear by the British brand. Currently, the super-light Trailblazer backpack line, the Minimus jacket collection, the Phase jacket series and the Gecko running waistcoats for trail runners are absolute bestsellers among customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility-Initiative

"Further. Forever" is Montane's sustainability platform, and within this there are 4 pillars:

  1. Built to Last: Durability is the cornerstone of the manufacturing philosophy. By extending the life of the product, the impacts associated with production are effectively reduced by spreading them over several years.
  2. Ethical trade: Montane only works with manufacturers who respect both the company's own standards and the rights and welfare of the people who make Monate products.
  3. Bonding with nature: Montane products are made for wild and extreme environments, so the manufacturer is committed to the survival and ongoing care of these places.
  4. Sustainability: Montane strives to use the most sustainable materials and processes that can be ethically produced. The company works hard to reduce its environmental footprint without compromising on product performance.       

Montane's design philosophy

Montane works with the world's leading fabric suppliers such as Pertex, Gore-Tex, Primaloft, Polartec, Peaq, YKK, RDS certified top down to develop new, innovative materials that push the boundaries of what is possible in clothing, equipment and accessories. Always with the goal of creating the lightest, most durable and functional products on the market.

Montane as sponsor for ultra-running events

Montane is known for sponsoring fierce ultra running events around the world. In 2008, Montane hosted the first Lakeland 100 Race, which is now the most spectacular and largest endurance trail event in the UK. This was followed by taking on the main sponsorship of the Spine Race and the now annual Dragons Back Race. Montane has also been the main sponsor of the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra, arguably the coldest ultra event in the world, for many years.

In 2022, Montane will be the main sponsor of two ultra races. Among them is the brand new Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra (MLAU), which takes place in the northern Swedish winter.

The Montane team is expanding

Montane now employs approx. 50 people at its head office in Northumberland, Great Britain. There are distributors in 40 countries worldwide. The brand can also be found in more and more online and offline mountain sports stores throughout Germany and Austria. 

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