Landesamt Digitalisierung, Breitband, Vermessung
UK 50-42 Munich East

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DE - Germany
Landesamt Digitalisierung, Breitband, Vermessung


<p>The map content illustrates the entire eastern area of Munich. As this region is only slightly inclined, it offers ideal conditions for cyclists. Hikers will also find many attractive routes between Erdinger Moos and Glonn.<br>Many individual destinations such as Poing Wildlife Park, Munich Airport and the Erdinger Therme spa offer a variety of leisure activities. The landscape in the southern part of the map sheet is characterized by the large state forests. Here, some of the villages seem to have been inserted into the forest areas like islands.<br>In addition, the linear „geräumte“ (forest aisles) draw a chessboard-like pattern in the tree population. The approx. 90 km long Ebersberg Forest not only offers local recreation for families, but also lots of interesting facts thanks to its environmental station (museum and nature trail).<br>Additional attractions include the 36 m high „Ludwigshöhe“ observation tower or the „Sauschütt“ forest guesthouse with its game enclosures.<br>Further east, the map shows a charming hill country. Here, the landscape is criss-crossed with lively streams that make their way through the moraine landscape.<br>In many places, bathing lakes such as Egglburger See, Kastenseeoner See or Steinsee offer many cyclists and hikers welcome refreshment.</p> <p
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