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Dynafit Baltoro 2.0 Touring Ski


This is an archived product and no longer available

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Colour yellow/ green
Item No.: 5021571-001
Product description Baltoro 2.0 Touring Ski
Recommended use:
  • skiing
  • ski touring
Suitable for:
men, women
  • Tip & Tail Rocker
  • wood core
  • touringski allround
The Dynafit Baltoro Touring Ski with its modern geometry is easy for everyone and offers, thanks to the sidewall sandwich construction great support during each turn. It's the ideal ski for diversity, for beginners to ambitious ski-touring enthusiasts, Its FLEX TIP is a lght component with high loading capacity and great damping behaviour while the SCOOP ROCKER has a Smooth rising radius that makes for harmonic flexure during front impacts. Its SIDEWALL construction uses impact-proof ABS that absorb the impact force and the TAIL ROCKER gives better control during high speeds. Energy-saving, sensitive manoeuvring for beginners right up to discerning ski tourers!
product variations
variant 149 158 167 176 183
tip/waist/tail in mm 113|84|100 114|84|101 115|84|102 116|84|103 119|86|106
Ski radius in M 17I16 19I18 21I19 23I21 24I21
Weight per pair 2,350 g 2,580 g 2,780 g 2,980 g 3,160 g

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